Wimmelbilder / picture puzzles

Unique Art Object




Wimmelbilder /Picture Puzzles

material: original stamp or tickets
size: different
year: 2011-



The Wimmelbilder are made of original stamps, one Wimmelbild consists of several thousands of singular stamps. The stamps were counted and archived for decades by collectors. I use only special series from France, England and Germany for the Wimmelbilder. It requires al ot of time and sensitivity to get all stamps for one artwork, partially I have to remove the stamps from letters. All stamps are stamped, each stamp takes as a unique a place in the sum of the whole. In addition, partially foreign stamps are hidden as antagonists to draw attention to searching, finding and dissolving. The juxtaposition of the same (but not the same), is the presentation of a generic work process as an essential boundary condition in a mainly on efficiency directed production system . The Wimmelbilder are visualizations and abstract cartographies of social contexts supply in times of globalization and mediatisation. The many stamps on the tight space lead to the question where the maximum of people and lifestyles on a limited area are leading us to? How much space does the imperative for freedom leave on an individual level? How much space is there at all, and how can we reclaim it ? If we think about the communication of letters which have been sent by the stamps, how does it change the in between, how does the artwor. In a reflection collecting oscillates between a pathology and base of living. Each Wimmelbild has its own rhythm and its color changes in his character over the day.