Self Portrait

Fabian Gatermann Originals/title]


The Solution

When I first thought about the process of portraying in general, I found out that most of me gets lost in a simple photography. I searched for a material and for a process that could keep something more essential of a person. I figured out that special lacmus paper could change colours through body fluids. So I made tests with different sort of papers and different fluids to bring my body to the limit and have somehow an influence on the process of portraying myself. I tried to be drunken, not to drink water at all, make sport to the limit or avoid sleeping to get different results out of it. I explored how many different body fluids I actually have and I gained a new perspective on myself. I have used all fluids of my body just to name a few: blood, urine, sweat and salivary juice.


The Final Good

Self Portraits are made of my body fluits. Thats all.



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