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Fabian Gatermann

on the line between art and design

Fabian Gatermann is a German based Designer and Artist. He works on the line between art and design with different materials, that he is exploring in multiple ways. He has made the sugarchair, and works with unusual material stamps, tickets and abrasive paper.

His works got recognizes through Core77 Design Awards, New Talents DMY Berlin Award and have been voted under the 100 best ideas by the Interior Magazine New York. His works got published in the Financial Times NY, Business Week NY, Süddeutsche Zeitung  Magazine and many other design books and magazines. His works are in permanent collections like Museum Ritter, Forum für Konkrete Kunst, Barbier Collection and the Kastner Collection. His works are exhibited in selected galleries in Europe.


“In a society that stigmatizes always more sugar consumption, this playful chair is a manifesto in favor of the sweet life!“ 
Caroline Champion
“As in a fairy tale: a little crazy and happy, our everyday objects become a regressive pleasure…” 
Marc Brétillot
“If Willie Wonka was born in Amsterdam, worked throughout Europe as a designer, then woke up one day and declared himself a visionary master (wait – he sort of did that last part), his new name would be Pieter Brenner, and his product: the sugarchair.” 
Tracey Tee



this is why all tehse unique objects exist



Artist Statement

I work between the space of art and design, for other a thin line for me there is a whole univers in between. I am in between, in motion because otherwise I would be stucked. According to most localizations I should be somewhere in between, it does not feel as if I would be caught between two stools. On the contrary, I feel pretty comfortable and at home in this created space. Through the repeated comparison of art and design against ” the other “, this room and this intersection has become my home. The game with the in between stays the focus of my interest. Which connection lies between us and the things which surround us? I try to tell stories with substance through material and I shape narrations into form. I try to combine abstract and concrete elements and I also user materials that have special possibilities and are unusual in art and design like abrasive paper or sugar.. I want to make art that works like a discursive map, aestethic, simple and deep at the same time. I hope you like it.

Statement German

Obwohl ich laut den meisten Verortungen irgendwo dazwischen sein sollte, fühlt es sich nicht so an, als würde ich zwischen den Stühlen sitzen. Über die wiederholte Gegenüberstellung von Kunst und Design gegen „das jeweilige andere“ ist dieser Raum, diese Schnittmenge, zu meiner Heimat geworden. Für mich bleibt das Spiel mit dem Dazwischen die Richtlinie für mein Interesse. Denn welcher Bezug und welche Verbindung liegen zwischen uns und den Dingen, die uns umgeben und wo ist die Grenze? Was kennzeichnet das Material als Basis und wie kann man die Imperative industrieller Artefakte so verzerren, dass alltägliche Dinge plötzlich anfangen, poetische und substantielle Geschichten über sich und uns zu erzählen? Briefmarken sind immer sowohl Kommunikationsmittel als auch Symbol bürgerlicher Sammlerpathologie, Zucker ist Rohstoff und Konsumgut und kinesiologische Tapes sind Placebo und Heilmittel. Die Arbeiten werden zu diskursiven Kartographien, anhand deren der Betrachter immer wieder neu zur Interaktion eingeladen wird.

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Fabian Gatermann




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